Partnering with CF Solar Power is a good investment. With energy rates going up every year, now is the best time to go for solar renewable energy which is sustainable.

Easy installments, savings on power bills, clear step by step process to make it easy for decision making, Leasing and Finance opportunities, peace of mind with our industry standard gurantee and warranty.

At CF Solar Power, we design and install commercial solar power systems that reflect energy usage and budget to business owners and property managers. By installing a solar system, Energy bills will be reduced greatly and significant amount of money will be saved for up to 30 years.

CF Solar Power will help you choose the best solar solution to maximize savings for your investment. Our focus is to deliver the highest quality customer service, competitive pricing and commitment to excellence in every aspect of solar design and construction.

We follow these steps with Solar energy Solutions:


  1. Professional Advise
  2. Site, Building and Structural Check
  3. Positioning to maximise your energy production
  4. Ongoing support
  5. Industrial standard gurantee and warranty
At CF Solar Power, we only install equipment backed by manufacturer warranties and yield strong field performance. We provide maintenance packages for cost effective and efficient solution to ensure your system is at optimal performance over the years. Depending on the package you choose, we schedule site visits and inspect your installation. 

Financing and Leasing

Everyone’s financial situation is unique and we provide the options of purchasing, financing or leasing for you to select for your commercial solar power system.

CF Solar Power is set up to provide you with a variety of financing options to fit your individual budget. When you set up your solar consultation, we will provide you with all the financing options available. Our experienced staff can help you clearly understand the benefits of all the financial options. All you need to do is to decide on which plan suites you best. 


Our services include:

  • Module array cleaning
  • DC Electrical check and maintenance
  • Inverter preventative maintenance
  • Energy production analysis and reporting
  • Third party billing options



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